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Here are some of the successes from our previous Vet Show @ Home events:


unique sponsor listing visits


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amount of fun


What is Vet Show @ Home?

Vet Show @ Home is our division of online veterinary events that offer high-quality continuing education credits for veterinarians, valuable sponsorship opportunities for businesses, and AI-powered networking for all. It is 100% free-to-attend for veterinary professionals!

Where is Vet Show @ Home?

Your business can participate anywhere around the world (as long as there’s access to the internet!) The show will be hosted once again on the popular conference platform, Swapcard; previous attendees and sponsors loved its easy-to-use features.

How successful were previous Vet Show @ Home events?

The first edition of Vet Show @ Home saw numbers that surpassed industry standards: 7,000+ participants from all across the country. We increased those numbers during our second edition with nearly 10,000 participants, making it the biggest online event within the veterinary industry so far this year. 

What makes Vet Show @ Home different from other online events?

By using our proven Vet Show conference model, taking advantage of our network of world-renowned speakers, and allowing professionals of all levels to join at no cost, members of the community are able to gain needed access to the highest quality continuing education in a fun, practical, and easy way. Our AI-powered networking tool and sponsorship opportunities put your business at the forefront of interested prospective buyers.

Will sponsors have “event specials” similar to onsite events?

Yes! Our innovative variety of sponsors are all very excited for the opportunity to meet with you. Many of them are hosting content sessions, conducting round tables, and offer discounts specifically for Vet Show @ Home.

Can sponsors network with attendees?

Yes. Our AI match-making technology will show sponsors the attendees that are potentially interested in their product/service. Sponsors can reach out to schedule a 1:1 meeting with an attendee or request to connect with them. (Be sure to check your notifications!)

Will my video/mic be on during the sessions?

Only speakers will have their cameras and mics on during the sessions so you can get as cozy at home as possible. You can still network and interact with other attendees and speakers through the chat feature!

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