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Beyond The Hot Spot - Immune-Mediated Skin Diseases

12 May 2022
Clinical 1 Theater

Available for RACE Approved CE credit if watched from 10:00am-10:50am CST on Thursday, May 12, 2022.

Immune-mediated skin diseases should not be forgotten about on your differential list! The clinical appearance of many of these diseases can easily mimic many of the infectious or inflammatory skin diseases. While this can make these cases slightly more convoluted, they just require slightly more diagnostic steps in order to obtain a diagnosis. We will be discussing some of the most common immune-mediated skin diseases affecting our small animals regarding their clinical appearance which may help to differentiate them. Most will require biopsies, but we will discuss how to take them and ways to maximize the value of biopsies. In addition, while they are going to require some immunosuppression, there are more options than just glucocorticoids.

Jason Pieper, Assistant Professor for Dermatology - Iowa State University

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