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CV 2023 Speakers


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  • Heidi Barnes Heller

    Heidi Barnes Heller

    DVM, DACVIM (Neurology)
    Director, Barnes Veterinary Specialty Services
  • Courtney Campbell

    Courtney Campbell

    Veterinarian, Zomedica
  • David Cowan

    David Cowan

    Vetereinary Technician, Action Vet Tech Services
  • Bill Crank

    Bill Crank

    DVM, Licensed Real Estate Broker
    Veterinarian and Practice Broker, Total Practice Solutions Group
  • Steve Dale

    Steve Dale

    Certified Animal Behavior Consultant
    Certified Animal Behavior Consultant, Steve Dale Pet World
  • Robert Dickens

    Robert Dickens

    Usda Aphis Veterinary Services
  • Amara Estrada

    Amara Estrada

    DVM, Diplomate ACVIM (Cardiology)
    Professor of Cardiology, University of Florida
  • Jennifer Gravley

    Jennifer Gravley

    Veterinary Medical Officer, Usda Aphis Veterinary Services
  • Amber Ihrke

    Amber Ihrke

    Medical Director, Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilition of Homer Glen
  • Lara Jackson

    Lara Jackson

    LVT, RVT
    LVT, RVT, North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Adrienne Kruzer

    Adrienne Kruzer

    Veterinary Nursing Program Manager, Veterinary Emergency Group
  • Clint Latham

    Clint Latham

    Juris Doctorate
    Director of Veterinary Data Security, Lucca Veterinary Data Security
  • Amandine Lejeune

    Amandine Lejeune

    Diplomate ACVIM oncology
    Associate Professor of Clinical Medical Oncology, University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Sue Loly

    Sue Loly

    VTS_EVN, Academy of Equine Veterinary Nursing Technicians
  • Jeannie Losey

    Jeannie Losey

    Dentistry and Oral Surgery Clinical Technician Supervisor., NC State College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Jill Maddison

    Jill Maddison

    Professor of General Practice, The Royal Veterinary College
  • Jeff Mayo

    Jeff Mayo

    DABVP C/F, MANZCVSc (Surgery)
    owner, Mayo Veterinary Services
  • Lynsee Melchi

    Lynsee Melchi

    Field Veterinary Medical Officer, USDA APHIS VS
  • Eric Miller

    Eric Miller

    Chief Financial Advisor / Co-Owner, Econologics Financial Advisors
  • Beckie Mossor

    Beckie Mossor

    Program Director, Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts
  • Amy Newfield

    Amy Newfield

    MS, CVT, VTS (ECC)
    Professional Unicorn, Veterinary Team Training
  • Heather Prendergast

    Heather Prendergast

    Veterinary Practice Consultant, Synergie Consulting
  • Natalie Punt

    Natalie Punt

    Emegency Veterinarian, Fidum Veterinary Services
  • Shanna Rayburn

    Shanna Rayburn

    RVT, KPA-CTP, VTS (Behavior)
    Clinical Behavior Medicine Technician, North Carolina State University
  • Cody Redmond

    Cody Redmond

    LVT, RCS
    Echocardiographer, Seaside Veterinary Cardiac Imaging LLC
  • Krystina Stadler

    Krystina Stadler

    CEO/Lead Radiologist, CorridorVet and South Sound Veterinary Imaging
  • Peter Weinstein

    Peter Weinstein

    DVM, MBA
    President, PAW Consulting
  • Shawn Wilkie

    Shawn Wilkie

    CEO, Talkatoo


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