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Health & Safety Guidelines at US Vet Shows

A Look Forward as We Reunite the Veterinary Industry 

The US Vet Show team and the veterinary industry are working extremely hard to deliver great in-person events. We understand that health & safety are top of mind and would like to give you a quick preview into how we are approaching these matters. The below policies and best practices are being updated and adjusted as more information and guidance becomes available.



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Prior to the Show

  • Each event will have three certified COVID Compliance Officers from the US Vet Show team in order to adhere to the latest rules and regulations.

  • Please allow extra time when arriving at one of our events and making appointments with your vendors.

  • Be sure to have your face covering on (covering your nose and mouth) before entering the Convention Center.

  • Daily contactless temperature screenings will be conducted for everyone by Digatherm by ICI, providing thermal cameras that detect accurate temperatures at 6-12 ft away and will allow temperature checking at a safe distance, helping protect staff, attendees and vendors.

  • Print your confirmation email with your personalized barcode and have your ID in hand.

  • Some registration desks have been replaced with kiosks for attendees to use who have registered in advance. The kiosks will lessen the interaction with Registration personnel and hasten an attendee’s entry into the show.

  • US Vet Shows will have a no-handshake policy in place.

  • We’ll implement queue lines where 6-foot distancing is safely enforced. 

  • Face coverings must always be worn at all times. Please make sure you have a face mask with you.

    • If you are unable to wear an approved face covering due to a disability, please contact the US Vet Show team. In appropriate circumstances, management may allow for the use of full-face shields in lieu of an approved face covering. Please note: like masks, face shields must cover the entire nose and mouth, extend below the chin, and fit properly. To request an accommodation or for additional questions regarding accessibility, please email our Operations Manager, Mary L Cappello at

  • Follow all recommended Health & Safety measures – the three W’s: Wear your face covering, Wash your hands, and Watch your distance by staying 6 feet away from one another.

  • We’ve designed the show to allow for physical distancing.

  • We’ll remind you to keep an appropriate distance from others with floor graphics and stanchions.

  • Hand sanitizing stations will be located for your convenience around the show floor.

  • Trash will be removed from the exhibit halls with greater frequency. 

  • Daily disinfecting will take place to sanitize all seating, aisle carpet, restrooms, and frequently touched public areas.

  • If you feel sick unexpectedly at the show, personnel will be onsite and available to help individuals who are feeling unwell.




Health & Safety FAQs

All Vet Shows will have trained and certified Pandemic Compliance Advisors for Meetings and Events.

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