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Austin Vet n' Speaker, Dr. Vincent Wavreille

Isabelle Perlman

Vincent Wavreille, DVM, MS, MRCVS, DACVS is definitely a well-traveled man. He's studied in Belgium, England, France, Ohio, and Florida. Today, he's back in Ohio as an Assistant Professor at The Ohio State University, where he studies and teaches surgical oncology. Soon enough, he'll be traveling to Texas for Austin Vet 2020.

We're so lucky to have Dr. Wavreille host, not one, but two lectures at Austin Vet this April. I spoke to Dr. Wavreille about his topics on surgical site infections and gastric dilatation volvulus, and learned more than I've ever known about either subject. Imagine what you, as a veterinary professional could learn too.Vincent Wavreille

When I asked Vincent what drew him to the topic of his first lecture, "Not Today SSI's! When Surgical Site Infections Occur and How to Survive," his response was simple: It's a common issue that everybody will have to deal with. He said that SSIs can be frustrating for both the veterinarian and the owner because they often cause increased costs, disease, and even death. For such an everyday, yet sometimes a fatal concern, it's important to educate yourself so you can prevent (and know how to treat) an SSI if it occurs.

Next, I wanted to investigate the most important thing to know about SSIs. Vincent answered by saying, "They are a common issue but manageable with a systematic approach." He's not giving anything away! You'll have to join his lecture, which will cover the risk factors associated with SSIs and a strategy for when they occur. "Everybody using a scalpel blade may encounter this issue," he said; "If you don't get complications, it's because you don't do surgery."

Dr. Wavreille's second lecture may take the cake for best name: '"DV? OMG! Evidence-Based Prophylactic Gastropexy." If this title doesn't get you fired up about gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV), I'm not sure what will. Vincent was an emergency vet for years before becoming a specialist in surgery. He soon became involved in training others on how to manage cases of GDV, a common and potentially deadly disease for large and giant-breed dogs. His childhood dog, unfortunately, passed away from GDV, so he happens to have personal and professional experience with this issue.

Vincent said that something most people don't know about GDV procedures is that they actually go great. He explained that "the most important part of the management of these cases is before surgery: the surgery is the fun and quick part." According to Dr. Wavreille, everybody who could potentially manage a GDV patient should join this lecture. You'll learn how to best manage cases of GDV, plus tips/tricks when performing a prophylactic gastropexy.

Above all, Vincent is just looking forward to having fun at Austin Vet. It's not every day he gets to step out of the office to enjoy new places and faces. He's excited to share his experience and to learn from the audience too.

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