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Dr. Brady Beale and the Tale of Blind Tails

Isabelle Perlman

The goal of Blind Tails is to "provide inspiration instead of worry and awe instead of pity" for furry family members with blindness.

Veterinary ophthalmologist, Dr. Brady Beale (joining us this fall at New York Vet) frequently found herself in exam rooms, consoling families after diagnosing their pets with untreatable blindness. She wanted to be able to offer more support to reassure them that when pets lose vision, they're still able to maintain a good quality of life. In fact, every ophthalmologist knows many blind animals with stories that would amaze us.

Dr. Brady Beale

Aware that the internet might be the first place that her clients would turn for information on living with blind pets, but also recognizing the dangers of internet misinformation, Dr. Beale designed a website that vets and clients could use as a resource. is a place where families can find inspirational stories of blind animals, read tips for living with blind pets, and find accurate information on diseases that cause blindness.

You can read heart-warming stories like, "Still 'Seeing'," the tale of Gabby the pup who became blind from glaucoma. When her family first found out the news, they blamed themselves and were so worried about her suffering that they asked doctors if she needed to be put to sleep.

Gabby the blind pupThey were encouraged to be patient, and to understand that while they were mourning, she was not; she was "happy to just be with [them]." Shortly after being treated with a cycloablation (used to reduce the pressure in the eyes), it was like she wasn't even blind, her family said. She was running and jumping just like any other playful dog.

The only changes Gabby's family had to make was to keep furniture in place because she memorized her environment and to speak her name quietly before touching her to avoid scaring her. They're convinced Gabby developed the Third Eye, somehow able to still "see" every bird in the yard and make eye contact when someone is speaking.

Blindtails has so many amazing stories like Gabby's. We can't wait to hear Dr. Brady Beale speak about her experience creating this incredible network.


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