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GuardianVets Launches Curbside, Contactless Appointments for Pet Owners


· New solution offers a safe, contactless appointment for pet owners and veterinary professionals

· Pet owners check-in on the GuardianVets App when they arrive to notify their veterinarian

· Pet owners will attend a Curbside Virtual Visit in real-time with their veterinarian all from the safety of the veterinary parking lot.

October 19, 2020 I CHICAGO, Ill. -- GuardianVets, the industry leader in veterinary client communications technology, triage and telemedicine, launched a new Curbside solution that enables veterinary practices to offer safe, contactless appointments for pet owners and veterinary professionals through the GuardianVets App.

Veterinary care is constantly evolving and adapting, and today’s social distancing practices have led most practices to implement curbside on their own. “GuardianVets understands the need for contactless options for both veterinary staff and pet owners,” says John Dillon, Founder and CEO. “That’s why we created our Curbside solution that makes the process as smooth as possible for all parties involved, ensuring that neither safety nor client satisfaction is jeopardized.”

Upon arrival at their veterinary practice, parking lot signage prompts pet owners to check-in on the GuardianVets App. Veterinary staff receive an arrival notification and transport the pet inside for their Virtual Visit. Meanwhile, the pet owner uses the GuardianVets app to receive real-time video access into the exam room. This makes it easy for the veterinarians to easily communicate with clients and conduct appointments with the same care as in-person appointments, while also reducing the amount of time necessary to complete the consultation.

“Involving the pet owner virtually allows real-time communication, demonstrates value to the client and reduces the veterinary team's need for the phone,” says Katherine Donahue, DVM, Chief Medical Officer. “This in turn frees up lines for new incoming calls.” GuardianVets’ new Curbside solution is currently the first, and only, option in the industry for veterinarians.

About GuardianVets
GuardianVets provides live, virtual support to veterinary practices so veterinary professionals can find work-life balance while enhancing client and patient care. Our licensed veterinary team provides triage, telemedicine and client communication technology to hundreds of animal hospitals across North America by custom-tailoring each solution to fit individual practice needs. The GuardianVets online portal and mobile app enable two-way chat and virtual appointments between clients and veterinary staff, as well as provide scheduling, patient records, daytime and after hour phone coverage, curbside appointments, prescription refills and emergency support.

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