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21 Sep 2023

New York Vet Show Launches Sustainability Initiative for 2023 Show

New York Vet Show Launches Sustainability Initiative for 2023 Show

NEW YORK, September 21, 2023 - We're taking some exciting steps to reduce our emissions at the 2023 New York Vet Show. How, you ask? Well, we're ditching the carpet on the show floor and replacing it with a clean, sleek surface. Plus, we're streamlining our resources by consolidating from show dailies to one fabulous Show Guide. Everything you need in one handy place! And wait for it...we're saying goodbye to lunch and drink vouchers and embracing the future with digital badge scans. It's quick, convenient, and totally contactless. Can you feel the eco-friendly excitement?

Now, hold onto your stethoscopes because here's the best part: all of these changes will help us reduce our CO2 emissions by a whopping 4 tons!

What does reducing 4 tons of C02 emissions do?

  • Prevents the release of air pollutants equivalent to what a car would emit over 20,000 miles of driving. That means cleaner air for our communities and healthier environments for the animals we care for.
  • Improved pet health, with a decrease in respiratory issues, like asthma, for approximately 400 dogs or cats. Together, we're creating a healthier world for our furry friends.
  • 4 tons of carbon emissions represent the carbon sequestered by around 100 mature trees in just one year. By reducing our emissions, we're doing our part to preserve these precious forests, which are vital for biodiversity and clean air.

The Northeast’s premier veterinary conference, New York Vet Show, is set to be hosted at the esteemed Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, on November 8-9, 2023. With 16 hours of continuing education, networking with industry leaders, and exclusive access to the latest advancements in veterinary medicine, attendees are in for a remarkable event. Mark your calendars for November 8-9! Join us on this sustainability journey and let's make a positive difference together!

Registration for the New York Vet Show is open, and we encourage attendees to register by September 29 to benefit from discounted rates. For more information about the event, including registration details and the complete list of speaker topics, please visit:

Media Contact:

Shanna Allen 
Senior Marketing Manager 
US Vet Show


CloserStill Media recently was awarded the Stickiest Show Floor designation for NY Vet from Trade Show Executive, honoring the best strategy for keeping attendees on the show floor. The online conference, Vet Show @ Home also was named Best Virtual-Hybrid Experience at the Trade Show News Network awards. CloserStill Media has built an exemplary reputation with a focused portfolio operating best-in-class events throughout Europe, the United States (U.S.), and Asia. The group, which has over 400 employees, delivers events across a range of dynamically growing industry verticals including corporate learning and HR, enterprise technologies, eCommerce, healthcare, and veterinary. CloserStill Media has experienced substantial growth since entering the U.S. market in 2017 through the launch of New York Vet (+ 2 regional shows), as well as the acquisition of LearningGuild (formerly FocusZone) in 2018 which established the group as the biggest provider of corporate learning and learning technology events in the US. CloserStill Media also acquired a majority investment in the Influence Group, which provides hosted leadership retreats for C-level executives. The Influence Group events continue to expand with 4 additional events being added to the portfolio through 2023. Most recently, in January, CloserStill Media announced a majority investment in CommerceNext, the leading U.S e-commerce conference, and community. 


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