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14 Mar 2021

Simplifying Dentistry and Improving Patient Care

Simplifying Dentistry and Improving Patient Care

Benita Altier, LVT, VTS (Dentistry) will be presenting three sessions at our upcoming online CE conference “Pediatric Canine and Feline Dentistry; What You Need to Know,” “Feline Dental Disease-Cats Have Teeth Too!” and “The C.O.R.E. Dental Procedure.” 

I am excited to present dentistry topics to you at Vet Show @ Home on March 25-27th!

benita altierI have worked as a veterinary technician since 1988, right after tech school in general practices as well as specialty dentistry. I have experienced many different aspects of veterinary medicine over the years; however, when we got dental x-ray in my practice around 2001, it became apparent to me that dentistry was my thing! 

I love helping other technicians and doctors learn how to simplify dentistry and ensure our patient care is exceptional. The topics that I chose reflect some of my passions in dentistry.

Feline dental diseases are so essential to recognize because I think cats are often overlooked when it comes to dental care. The C.O.R.E. dental procedure is all about what is essential: Comprehensive Oral and Radiographic Evaluation, along with the cleaning and polishing procedures. This procedure is at the heart of dentistry, and completing it efficiently and without missing pathology is critical.

Pediatric dental diseases are also often overlooked. Without an understanding of normal tooth development and what we need to do to correct issues like malocclusions, our young patients are bound to have painful yet preventable issues if we are not looking.

I hope you will find your passion in veterinary medicine. Dentistry or not, our job is to be patient advocates, and if you do that well, you can't go wrong.

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