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Owning the Exam Room and Your Career

03 Nov 2022
Business Theater
Practice Management

Owning the Exam Room and Your Career

We are practicing at a time when the veterinary profession has an increasingly unhappy workforce. How do we make sure that as veterinarians, we have the best chance at a career that brings us both life satisfaction and financial rewards?
We will discuss that very question and techniques that will help you in the exam room and therefore with your career in general. Concepts such as:
1) What is your job as a veterinarian? Though this seems like a very simple question, I think it is often misunderstood.
2) Basic communication skills. Most of us did not learn this in vet school and need to figure it out on our own.
3) Guiding decisions and giving advice. We will discuss how to present yourself so that you are viewed as an authority.

Barak Benaryeh, Veterinarian - Spicewood Springs Animal Hospital & Spicewood Springs Cat Hospital

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