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5 Ways Well-Trained CSRs Help Grow Your Veterinary Practice

03 Nov 2022
Business Theater
Practice Management

Veterinary practice is evolving at a phenomenal rate. Client expectations are getting higher and higher, whilst their tolerance and impatience with imperfection seems to be declining. Practices who are proactive in investing in their Front of House staff, and the systems required to deliver excellent client care, are doing better than those who are simply reacting to issues as they arise. The speaker is the co-founder of the British Veterinary Receptionist Association and the creator of the CertCSR programme, the British equivalent of which has been used to train almost 10,000 CSRs in the UK. This talk will explore 5 key areas of CSR training which make the most difference in terms of growing your veterinary practice's client base and revenues - as well as helping retain veterinarians and vet techs.

Brian Faulkner, Director - Colorful

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