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Master your Mindset: Channel Your Inner Superpowers

04 Nov 2022
Practice Operations Theater

Our ability to thrive within our veterinary career is balanced on an assortment of building blocks. Nurturing our wellbeing, leadership skills and promoting a quality team environment fall within this gridwork of success. Nestled within the base layer of these ideas is the concept of mindset. Our mindset plays a significant role in how we maneuver through the variety of obstacles, successes and setbacks found everyday within veterinary medicine. Whether you are a doctor, manager or support staff you are all too familiar with these daily challenges.

But what is mindset exactly? How can it help me at my clinic or hospital? And how are we able to shape and create the mindset we desire? And most importantly…How can I further employ the research behind this crucial foundation of wellbeing to create better work, team and professional experiences each day? In this session we will explore the concepts and research behind both a fixed and growth mindset as well as utilize evidence based methods to nurture a mindset for growth. Attendees will leave this session empowered with a research backed plan to create a personal and professional mindset for growth, curiosity and flourishing.

Andi Davison, Positive Change Agent - Flourish Veterinary Consulting

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