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The Power of Praise: How Proper Feedback Can Cultivate Veterinary Superheroes

04 Nov 2022
Practice Operations Theater

As a member of the veterinary healthcare team we are just that…a team. A team that works together in a variety of situations to strive for a common goal. When we reach that goal we are proud of our teammates and want to show them appreciation. Give them a verbal ‘pat on the back’...offer praise! Praise is a good thing…isn’t it?
In this session we will dive deeper into the concept of praise and how it directly influences mindset. We will explore science based evidence of specific types of praise and utilize tools to give attendees the opportunity to develop this very important skill.

This session will build upon the topics discussed in the previous session, ‘Master your Mindset: Channel Your Inner Superpowers’. However, it may also be effectively attended independently.

Andi Davison, Positive Change Agent - Flourish Veterinary Consulting

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