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Branding your practice doesn’t have to hurt!

02 Nov 2022
Practice Operations Theater
Practice Management

Busy practice owners and managers try to keep up with social media engagement but often feel it falls flat. This talk will help you create a to-do list of things to create and save into files on your computer, so anyone on the team tasked with creating content or brand assets can reference them—assets like brand colors, logo copies, the fonts we want to use, etc. Remembering to ask for waivers, check out licensing issues we encounter with images we find, and use pictures of patients and staff; It all seems daunting. Creating a neat, tidy electronic place where all those things live will make creating social media content more authentic and effective. Branding doesn’t have to hurt! No branding discussion should be without a refresher on handling negative situations online; managing our brand's reputation is just as important as managing the logistics of it.

Rhonda Bell, President/CEO - Dog Days Consulting

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