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Accidental Pet Care Shaming: Are Our Actions Inadvertently Discouraging Pet Owners or Creating Angry Clients?

04 Nov 2022
Practice Operations Theater
Veterinary Medicine

Our days are filled serving a diversity of pet owners who desire a wide spectrum of pet care.

Because our clientele typically spans a wide socioeconomic stratum, veterinarians may encounter clients who treat their pet in a manner we find inconsistent with our personal ideals and experiences. Veterinary professionals may believe a client cares too little - or too much - than our preconceived notions of an appropriate level of pet care. These judgments, right or wrong, may affect our interactions with clients and lead to biases in both our medical expertise and professional communication.

Are these personal appraisals leading to “pet care shaming” within our veterinary clinics? Do our clients feel judged by veterinary personnel? Is this fear of judgment causing pet owners to avoid seeking veterinary care and creating distrust of our profession? Are we causing the public to become angry with us due to subtle expressions, thoughts, or actions? Dr. Ward explores these very real veterinary practice challenges in this provocative and solution-oriented session.

Ernie Ward, Veterinarian - E3 Management, LLC

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