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Stayin' Alive: A Crash Course in CPR

04 Nov 2022
Veterinary Technician and Nursing Theater 1
Emergency Critical Care
This program will be outlined to include preparedness of the hospital, receiving area, as well as the CPR response team before the patient even enters the veterinary facility. Nursing conclusions associated with patient assessment for signs of impending arrest will follow the discussion regarding physical preparedness including monitoring equipment, crash cart supplies, etc. The discussion will move toward rapid patient assessment, and cycle through performance of chest compressions, airway clearance and security, then move toward advanced life support to include the introduction of common ECG arrhythmias associated with CPA, as well as the emergency drugs utilized during CPR. Closed loop communication will be explained, as will debrief, recording, and pronunciation following CPR as followed by the RECOVER Initiative guidelines.
Dani Provost, Veterinary Training Consultant - Specialized Veterinary Technician Training (Self)

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