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Chemotherapy Side Effects: To recheck or not?

03 Nov 2022
Vet Tech and Nursing Theater 1
The purpose of this presentation is to discuss the most common chemotherapeutic side effects, along with the management and relationship of all involved in the patient’s care. We will discuss the importance of recheck appointments, both with the referring clinic and the specialty care team. Some of the main things to focus on during the course of treatment are pain management, GI/nutritional support, and systemic hematologic support. Bone marrow is one of the most sensitive organs to chemotherapy, so hematologic side effects are common. We will look at some case examples of patients with chemotherapy side effects and discuss how best to support them, what is considered an emergency, and when to refer.
Lara Jackson, Registered Veterinary Technician - North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine

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