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Pain Can Be Healed: Multimodal Now Includes Dog (even cat) Training

04 Nov 2022
Uptown Clinical Theater
Pain Management

Multi modal isn’t merely a buzz word but truly the most efficient approach to direct treatment for pain, ranging from NSAID’s to acupuncture. No longer should massage or hydro or laser therapy or various other modalities be considered alternative medicine; they ARE medicine. It’s a matter of using a whole-body approach. This all-encompassing methodology may include a rehabilitation exercise program (particularly for overweight pets) and enrichment as well as dog training. For example, dogs with soft tissue injuries may need training to stop pulling on a leash or to stop jumping off the bed. Also, this may involve training pet parents about living day to day with adjustments to their home environment and daily routine to optimize the best quality of life for their fur babies. (with Leilani Alvarez, DVM, DACVSMR)

Leilani Alvarez, Director of Integrative and Rehabilitative Medicine - Animal Medical Center
Steve Dale, Certified Animal Behavior Consultant - Steve Dale Pet World

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