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Feline Osteoarthritis- Safe Treatment Options

03 Nov 2022
Midtown Clinical Theater
Feline Osteoarthritis- Safe Treatment Options

This lecture will present an overview of feline osteoarthritis (OA) with a focus on effective and safe treatment options.  The epidemiology and risk factors associated with feline osteoarthritis will be presented along with techniques on how to recognize and diagnose OA in the early stages.  Practical techniques on how to perform an effective orthopedic exam will be presented as well as specific radiographic findings that are unique to feline OA.  Treatment options will review multimodal strategies including diet, environmental modification, pharmacologics and rehabilitation approaches. The current evidence for pharmacologic and regenerative therapies will be reviewed. Non-invasive rehabilitation modalities including non-sedated shockwave will be presented.

Leilani Alvarez, Director of Integrative and Rehabilitative Medicine - Animal Medical Center

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