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Elaine Blythe

Elaine Blythe

Associate Professor of Veterinary Pharmacology, St. Matthews University School of Veterinary Medicine
Elaine Blythe completed coursework in animal science at Texas Tech University and then received her B.S. degree in pharmacy from Southwestern Oklahoma State University School of Pharmacy in 1992. She received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2003 from Creighton University. Dr. Blythe’s area of expertise is educating pharmacy students and veterinary students in veterinary pharmacology. Elaine is an associate professor at St. Matthews University School of Veterinary Medicine on Grand Cayman Island in the Caribbean and teaches pharmacology to the veterinary students on the Island via distance education from her home in New Mexico. Dr. Blythe is also adjunct faculty at University of Florida, College of Pharmacy, where she teaches online courses to pharmacy students and pharmacists. In addition to her full-time teaching, Dr. Blythe has over 15 years’ experience in regulatory affairs consulting services for veterinary drug distributors focusing on wholesale drug distribution and state pharmacy licensing requirements.

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