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Lisa Penny

Lisa Penny


Registered Pharmacist
Chief Compliance Officer, Veterinary Innovative Partners
Lisa Penny is a registered pharmacist with over 25 years of experience working in human and veterinary hospitals, retail pharmacies, and integrated healthcare systems. Lisa previously served as the Director of Pharmacy for Cornell University’s Hospital for Animals and a Diversion Prevention Specialist for the largest hospital system in western Michigan. Currently, Lisa works as the Chief Compliance Officer for Veterinary Innovative Partners, helping to ensure proper controlled substance management across multiple hospitals in multiple states. Her expertise in dealing with controlled substance regulations and anti-diversion tactics has afforded her a national platform for speaking to healthcare providers and professionals on both the human and veterinary sides of medicine. As a controlled substance management and diversion prevention specialist, Lisa provides DEA Registrants with expertise in controlled substance handling, tracking, and reporting requirements, and comprehensive plans for the prevention of controlled substance diversion.

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