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Ronald Riegel

Ronald Riegel


Veterinary Medical Director, Digatherm by ICI
I purchased my first therapy laser in 1979 and infrared thermography unit in 1985.. After 26 years of sole ownership of a multi-doctor practice, I co-founded AIMLA in 2009 to provide education on all types of medical lasers in both veterinary medicine and the healthcare professions. This educational entity has now expanded to include infrared thermography and regenerative medicine. My background in these technologies encompasses human (chiropractic, physical therapist, and athletic trainers, companion animals, and equine disciplines. In 1988 I initiated coursework for inclusion in the Human Academy of Neuromuscular Physiology which was completed and exam passed in 1989. This was the first Academy to clinically use infrared thermography in the human field. He was the only veterinarian in the class of 70. I have been a member of the American Academy of Thermology for six years. I have authored more than a dozen papers and books on companion animal and equine anatomy and therapy modalities including “Laser Therapy for the Equine Athlete”, “Laser Therapy in the Companion Animal Practice”, and “Clinical Overview and Applications of Class IV Therapy Lasers” (co-authored human text). In July 2016, as co-editor, a textbook on Laser Therapy in Veterinary Medicine – Photobiomodulation was completed and submitted to Wiley Publications. This text has 45 chapters, 31 co-authors and is over 300,000 words. It became available to the public May 25th of 2017. This text was voted as one of the top 50 veterinary textbooks of all time. Current Memberships: American Society of Lasers in Medicine and Surgery. Fellow since 2012. American Academy of Thermology Optical Society: Board member North American Association of Light Therapy. World Association of Light Therapy. See curriculum vitae for further more detailed information.

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