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Code Blue: RECOVER CPR for Vet Techs

30 Oct 2020
Vet Tech Theater
Emergency and Critical Care

This lecture is based on the RECOVER guidelines and will review and give focus to the RECOVER initiative. Briefly introduce/review the history of CPR and the RECOVER initiative.

Discuss being prepared for a cardiopulmonary arrest (CPA) event (staff and hospital), types of CPA, and signs of impending CPA.

Review the aspects of basic life support (BLS) – discuss compressions (include rate, posture, and technique), airway (patient intubation), breathing rate, and importance of the 2-minute cycle.
Review the aspects of advanced life support (ALS) – drug access, drug administration, ECG rhythms, capnography, use of IV fluids, and defibrillation.

Briefly discuss when to stop CPR and the post-resuscitative patient care.

Go through the team approach, the technician’s role in running a code (team positions), and the importance of communication and debriefing.

Courtney Waxman, Instructional Technologist - Purdue University

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