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Declassified: The Secrets to Building Unstoppable Self-Confidence

29 Oct 2020
Business Theater

Unearthing your authentic self isn’t easy. It doesn’t happen in a day, and a pill won’t cure you. It requires self discipline, courage, persistence, an unbreakable dedication to yourself, and radical responsibility for your thoughts and behaviors. You’ll be tempted to quit. You won’t want to do the work because old habits are hard to change, but in order to reveal your true self and a confidence that is based upon who you are and not what you do, your desire for confidence must outweigh a desire to be comfortable.

These saboteurs include the inner critic, comparison, the expert mindset, and fear of what others think. Attendees will learn where these habits came from, how we perpetuate them, and most importantly, how to move past them into a space of authentic self-confidence.

Sarah Wooten, Veterinarian - Sarah J. Wooten, DVM, Inc.

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