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Are you Creating your Own Drama? Do you Worry about Things that Haven't Happened Yet?

22 Jun 2021
Vet Tech Theater

Are you creating your own drama? Do you worry about things that haven't happened yet?
This presentation focuses on the drama that we self-create by making things up in our mind or making assumptions about why/what others are doing. Many times, people worry about things that have not happened by reacting to them like they did. This cause’s undue stress on team members and in many cases can cause a large amount of drama in the hospital. This presentation helps people understand why we “make stuff up in our minds” and how we can stop doing it. Learning to deal with these challenging thoughts and making less assumptions about why others do things will help improve the communication flow of the hospital.

Melissa Tompkins, Veterinary Management Consultant - South Coast Veterinary Management Solutions

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