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Kitties in Crisis

23 Jun 2021
Vet Tech Theater

What is a feline emergency? According to the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care society emergency care is defined as the action taken in response to an emergency. The term implies emergency action directed towards the assessment, treatment, and stabilization of a patient with an urgent medical problem.
Cats are very subtle in their manifestations of critical illness and disease. Initial assessment of a cat should happen quickly and as stress free as possible. Challenges of feline patients include; presentation in later stages of shock with signs such as; bradycardia, hypothermia, hypotension, and behavior challenges such as; aggression, fear, sensitivity to stress, and hard to identify pain symptoms. In this presentation we will take a look at how to recognize and address each of these concerns. This will increase a technician’s ability to assess accurately and rapidly which marks the difference between a good veterinary technician and an excellent one.

Erica Mattox, Clinical Manager of Surgery/Anesthesia - WESTVET

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