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Cytology Sample Collection – Why is Collection Technique and Sample Handling so Important?

22 Jun 2021
Vet Tech Theater
Proper collection and preparation of cytology samples should be included in the job tasks of a well-trained veterinary technician. From selecting appropriate needle size and syringe, collection container, properly maintaining stains, microscopes, and other equipment, preparing and analyzing samples, veterinary support staff are instrumental in ensuring accurate results and diagnostically viable specimens for analysis. This session will delve into the veterinary technician’s role in collection, preparation, and evaluation of cytological specimens. Various types of cytological specimens will be covered, including ear and vaginal cytology, , find needle biopsies or aspirates, and lavages). Preparation protocols to be covered will include slide preparation, staining techniques and packaging samples for in-house or reference laboratory evaluation.
Barbie Papajeski, Senior Instructor - Murray State University

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