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All Sewn Up: Am I Choosing The Right Suture?

06 Oct 2021
Clinical Theater 1
Orthopedic Surgery

Available for RACE approved CE credit if watched from 9:00AM-9:50AM PST on Wednesday, October 6, 2021. 

There are so many suture types and choices to make. Suture material biomechanical characteristics can be matched to the biomechanical characteristics of the different healing tissues to provide optimal support while healing and prevent early failure. In addition, choosing the right swaged needle on suture can make or break your procedure. This session will go through how you chose a suture material, needle type and other crucial choices to make life easier in your OR. Specifically, we will discuss about common tissues/uses and which suture material and needle recommendations.

Laura Selmic, Associate Professor, Surgical Oncology - THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF VETERINARY MEDICINE

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