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Choose Your Own ECC Adventure!

07 Oct 2021
Nursing and Veterinary Technicians Theater
Emergency and Critical Care

Available for RACE approved CE credit if watched from 4:10PM-5:00PM PST on Thursday, October 7, 2021. 

This lecture is intended to be highly interactive, with the audience choosing from a list of top emergencies seen in practice they want to learn about (this will be done using the PollEverywhere app).

Emergencies to choose from: shock, GDV, urinary obstruction, head trauma/TBI, toxin ingestion, heatstroke, anaphylaxis, rattlesnake envenomation, respiratory distress, sepsis, head trauma, Addisonian crisis.

Each emergency will review pathophysiology, clinical signs, diagnostics, treatment, and nursing care. The PowerPoint lecture and manuscript notes will be prepared covering all 12 emergencies, but only 3 will be discussed during the in- person lecture.

Courtney Waxman, Veterinary Nursing Development Manager - Veterinary Emergency Group

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