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Normal Or Not? Recognizing Radiographic Breed Difference- Focus On Thorax

07 Oct 2021
Clinical Theater 2
Diagnostic Imaging

Available for RACE approved CE credit if watched from 1:05PM-1:55PM PST on Thursday, October 7, 2021. 

Who likes reading a fat English bulldog’s thoracic radiographs? Easy- no one. Have you ever stared at an Afghan hound thorax and wondered is that a pneumothorax? Been there. This case base lecture will focus on highlight normal anatomy of breed variations, as this is most penitent in thoracic radiographs, this lecture will focus on thoracic radiographic differences. This lecture will began with highlight normal anatomy in various confirmation patients. Then building from “Peering through the shadows: Radiographic Lung Patterns and Pathology” lecture, this lecture will then be followed by multiple real life cases with case history, initial clinical work up, radiographs and diagnosis. Attendee participation in case discussion is strongly encouraged.

Krystina Stadler, Owner/Chief Radiologist - Spin Veterinary Radiology/ South Sound Vet Imaging

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