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Celebrate World Veterinary Day & Your Story

Isabelle Perlman

World Veterinary Day is this Saturday, April 25th, and what better time to celebrate the veterinary community?

While the coronavirus pandemic rages on, veterinary professionals have remained strong in the face of adversity, continuing to provide care and educate pet owners. World Veterinary Day comes at a perfect time, where the veterinary community deserves recognition along with other health workers on the frontlines. The history of World Veterinary Day 2020 helps illustrate the enormous role that veterinarians serve, and we want to show that to the world too.

In 1863, Veterinary College of Edinburgh professor, John Gamgee, invited veterinarians across Europe to Hamburg, Germany, to discuss the prevention and control of epizootic diseases. This was the very first International Veterinary Congress, which later became known as the World Veterinary Association.

This Saturday marks the 19th annual World Veterinary Day, created by that same World Veterinary Association in 2001 to "promote the work of veterinary professionals from all over the world as they work to improve human and animal welfare, food safety, practices of animal transport and quarantine, the environment, and environmental conservation and protection.''

At the core of every veterinary professional is a deep (borderline-obsessive!) love of animals. Besides that, there are many things that make each member of the veterinary community unique. We want to celebrate this day by celebrating you: your story, how you got where you are today, and the amazing work you do for animal health.

Whether you were driven by the need to pet as many dogs as you could in one day or an amazing professor in college, your story can inspire others to keep pushing and doing what they love.

Fill out the form below, to tell us about your journey of becoming a vet. We will be featuring your stories in the coming weeks and even offer a free ticket to any of our future shows for the vet with the most inspirational storywhich we know will be hard to choose.

Go on! Don't be shy. World Veterinary Day would be nothing without you.

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