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We know how to maximize your time spent out of the practice. Learn from phenomenal thought leaders, get inspired by vets from around the country, and discover ground-breaking technologies that will help you provide the very best care for your patients.

Our clinical, business, and nursing tracks offer plenty of versatile education for the entire practice. Bring the team, soak up new knowledge, and enjoy the exciting destinations that host our Vet Shows.


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There are tons of incredible sessions at our shows and only so many hours in a conference! It can be hard to choose which lectures to attend without missing out on all the great ones. At our Vet Shows, we record almost every live session for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home—whenever you want. Less pressure means more time to relax and enjoy the show.

Haven't made it to one of our Vet Shows yet? Don't worry: our previous show content is available to everyone! Go to Vet Show Academy and browse through 500+ hours of content, sorted by speaker, topic and Vet Show.

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