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Our Team


Meet the animal-loving team behind US Vet Shows  (we don't bite!)

Joe Kowalsky, Event Director

I love building communities and bringing people together. Now I get to do that exact thing and throw pets into the mix! 

Pet: Freddie

Lauren Filicia, Group Sales Manager

I love to bring people together to connect and I couldn't think of a more rewarding industry to do that!

Pet: Sandie 

Kim-Anthony Jones, Sales Executive

Working together with colleagues and partners to foster an environment to Connect, Learn, and Collaborate!

John Erich, Sales Executive

It's great to work with a team of community builders and problem solvers creating dynamic events that unite the veterinarian industry.

Jake Hellenschmidt, Sales Executive

As someone who’s passionate about connecting with people, it’s great to be apart of a team that feels the same way. Especially when it comes to connecting with fellow animal lovers.

Pet: Gwynevere aka Gwynnie

MacGregor Rucker, Delegate Relations Executive

Live events build a fellowship & family that the virtual world, for all its value, can't match.

Pets: Jane and Meshell

Nicole Mattei, Delegate Sales Representative

 It has been a pleasure assisting those who operate in the Veterinary field and I am so excited to see how these professionals instill the teachings and experience they gain at our Vet Shows into the real world.  

Shanna Allen, Senior Marketing Manager

I love working with a team that’s passionate about our events and our industry!

Pets: Bojangles

Celia Patterson, Senior Marketing Executive

I love being a part of such a warm, dedicated team working to create exceptional events to support the growth and education of the community that cares for our pets.

Ruthika Narayanan, Marketing Executive

Working with a vibrant team who are passionately driven to promote the Vet Show and the industry, while giving back to humans’ best friends (animals)!

Pet: Aspen

Bart Radlo, Accounts Receivable Specialist

I enjoy being a part of a team that focuses on an important thing in people’s lives, which are pets! Pets are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

Pets: Malutki, Koko

Mia Rivera, Accounts Receivable Specialist

I’m excited to be in an environment where there’s endless opportunities to be productive, meet different people, grow, and work together to keep the shows going.

Pet: Deva

Courtney Weren, Senior Accountant

I love contributing to a great company that supports the veterinary community!

Geovanny Alvarez, Staff Accountant

Deeply passionate to help run successful events for our Veterinary Community!

Pet: Benji

Katherine Olivieri, Accounts Payable

I am excited to be part of team that supports the Veterinary community.

Pet: Max (pictured)

Mark Turner, Financial Controller

It’s incredibly rewarding to bring the veterinary community together through our events.

Pet: Bertie

Matt Dirs, Vice President of Finance

Pets are such an important part of people's lives. It's personally rewarding to work for a company that supports the veterinary community.

Pet: Junior

Tim Payne, Operations Manager

Being a part of a relentlessly innovative team that consistently pushes the boundaries of live events & new ways to support the veterinary community. Also... dogs.

Pet(s): Pepper & Theo

Natalie Merkert, Operations Coordinator

I am extremely excited to be a part of a team who supports and amplifies the veterinarian industry. Our team is tightknit and works together to make sure the Vet Show is successful and informative! Plus, animals are the best. 

Pet: Ellie

Marissa Macias, HR Manager

I love being part of a company that offers a collaborative environment and fosters teamwork and innovation.

Nadia Khan, Office Manager

I’m so grateful to be a part of a team so passionate & dedicated to bringing together the veterinary community and supporting our furry friends!

Pet(s): Ginger, Mocha, Bob

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