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Our Team

Meet the animal-loving team behind US Vet Shows  (we don't bite!)

Get to know us, our pets, and the best parts about working at US Vet Shows

Christina Zoccoli, Group Event Director

I get to work with amazing people globally (internal and external) who all share my passion for animals!

Pet: Holly

Pete Ilich, Strategic Partnership Manager

Working with colleagues & partners with the same goal of promoting our industry & growing the Vet Show brand. I also love pets & appreciate those who help them.

Pet: Daisy

Tim Payne, Show Manager

Being a part of a relentlessly innovative team that consistently pushes the boundaries of live events & new ways to support the veterinary community. Also... dogs.

Pet(s): Pepper & Theo

Jimmy Kurtovic, Business Development Specialist

Everyone is so down-to-earth, friendly & welcoming.

Pet(s): Thor, Duke, Pooch & Sam

Lauren Filicia, Sales Executive

I love to bring people together to connect and I couldn't think of a more rewarding industry to do that!

Pet: Sandie 

Kenny Tenzer, Sales Manager

I love the culture of our team. Everyone is friendly and we mesh well together like a well-oiled machine. And who doesn’t love animals?

Pet: Fishy

Leslie Berry, Client Success Specialist

It's rewarding knowing that all of the hard work put into producing each of our events has a direct impact on the wellbeing of animals!

Pet: Milo

MacGregor Rucker, Delegate Relations Executive

Live events build a fellowship & family that the virtual world, for all its value, can't match.

Pet: Jane

Anthony Gonzalez, Delegate Relations Executive

I love communicating with the vet community. Vets are smart, friendly & want to learn. It's great to implement their feedback so we meet their needs.

Erica Schwartz, Conference Manager

The ability to work with a fun, friendly, dedicated & motivated team for what some consider to be better than humans…animals!

Emily DeMarco, Marketing & Content Director

I love the fact I can combine business and developing the leaders of our industry with my lifelong passion for animals!

Pet(s): Dixon, Bella & Silk

Kayla Bratton, Marketing Manager

How can you not love a team who is creative, hard-working, fun and does it all for the amazing industry that takes care of our beloved animals!

Pet: Rigby

Celia Patterson, Marketing Executive

I love being a part of such a warm, dedicated team working to create exceptional events to support the growth and education of the community that cares for our pets.

Becca Romano, Marketing Executive

I am excited to be a part of a team that works together and cares about each other’s success.


Pet: Tebow

Bart Radlo, Accounts Receivable Specialist

I enjoy being a part of a team that focuses on an important thing in people’s lives, which are pets! Pets are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

Pet: Malutki

Dan Read, Senior Vice President

Working with others who share the same excitement about creating the best possible learning opportunities for a group as special as the veterinary community.


Matt Dirs, Vice President of Finance

Pets are such an important part of people's lives. It's personally rewarding to work for a company that supports the veterinary community.

Pet: Junior

Mary Cappello, Operations Manager

Any day spending 1/3 of your waking life working towards the benefit of animals is a GREAT day!

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