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Our Team

Meet the animal-loving team behind Vet Shows US  (we don't bite!)

When we're not playing Zoom trivia after work on Thursdays, we're helping vet teams and industry experts learn, network, and grow.
Get to know us, our pets, and the best parts about working at Vet Shows US.

Dan Read, Senior Vice President

There is nothing more rewarding than to work with others who share the same excitement about creating the best possible learning opportunities for a group as special as the veterinary community.

Matt Dirs, Senior Vice President of Finance

Pets are such an important part of people's lives. It's personally rewarding to work for a company that supports the veterinary community.

Pet: Junior

Charlotte Ellicott, Head of Marketing & Content

I love working with veterinarians across the globe from Chicago to Singapore & travelling to amazing cities across the US.

Pet: Alfie

Christina Zoccoli, Group Event Director

I get to work with amazing people globally (internal & external) who all share my passion for animals!

Pet: Holly

Cheryl McMorrow, Head of Operations

I enjoy working with a strong & passionate team who's constantly striving to bring exciting & innovative education to the veterinary community.

Pet: Luna

Marc Miller, Sales Manager

Providing a platform for veterinarians to continue their education and I love helping the industry learn new strategies to help our pets live healthy lives.

Pet: Zoey

Pete Ilich, Sales Manager

Working with colleagues & partners with the same goal of promoting our industry & growing the Vet Show brand. I also love pets & appreciate those who help them.

Pet: Daisy

Jimmy Kurtovic, Sales Executive

Everyone is so down-to-earth, friendly, and welcoming.

Pet(s): Thor, Duke, Pooch & Sam

Tim Payne, Sales Executive

Being a part of a relentlessly innovative team that consistently pushes the boundaries of live events & new ways to support the veterinary community. Also... dogs.

Pet(s): Pepper & Theo

Ketheren Thorn, Marketing Executive

Working with a fun & committed team who strive to provide high quality continuing education to the veterinary community.

Pet: Winnie

Megan Telford, Marketing Executive

I love being able to work for a company that helps further education with a team of hard-working & dedicated people.

Pet: Chloe

Isabelle Perlman, Content Marketing Coordinator

Doing what I love in order to help others. It's rewarding to serve a community that does so much for animals & I couldn't ask for a better team to help me do that.

MacGregor Rucker, Delegate Relations Executive

Live events build a fellowship & family that the virtual world, for all its value, can't match.

Pet: Jane

Anthony Gonzalez, Delegate Relations Executive

I love the direct communication with the vet community. Vets are smart, friendly & want to learn. As a team, it's great that we implement feedback from vets so we can provide them with what they need.

Isuru Perera, Accounts Payable

I enjoy the fact that I get to go to different cities in the US and meet people from these cities.

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