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Why Attend


GREAT speakers & practical topics

Our line-ups make your jaws drop. Top-notch speakers from across the world are excited to share their expertise with you. Our session format makes sure that you don't get caught up in a tedious speech. Our goal: to give you functional takeaways that you can put into practice straight away! 

EFFICIENT time management

Our programs are staggered and theaters are right on the expo floor. That way, you can maximize your time since every spare minute can be spent on something productive. We also program our shows in a short-course format so you don't have to be away from your practice for too long.


Our motto is to make great education accessible to all. Our prices are the proof of that. Some of our early-bird rates are as low as $199! 

Planning to attend as a group? Let our team know! You might qualify for an even more economical group rate.

EXCITING destinations

It's time to look at your list of all the places you want to visit before you're 80. We bet some (if not all) of our amazing Vet Show locations are on there!

We schedule our shows adjacent to a weekend so you have the option to stick around (maybe even bring the family) and enjoy our impressive destinations.

  • It's only two days, which is great for work. The way that the CE is set up, you really get to optimize that time. I love the layout - as soon as I leave the session, I am in the exhibit hall.
    Dr. Kristen W.
    New York Vet attendee
  • I like the speakers and the lectures, it's a good selection. They cover the topics that are the most prevalent and current. It's stuff that comes up in exam rooms frequently.
    Dr. Corey J.
    Chicago Vet attendee
  • The location was easy to get around, and the talks have been fantastic: lots of great speakers. The staggered sessions give me time to visit the exhibit from time to time. Where else would I get two days of CE for this price?
    Dr. Katrine M.
    New York Vet attendee
  • The labs and the lectures on sonography were everything I could have hoped for. We've had a sonography equipment for a couple years, but no one in the practice has used it. Now I'll be able to use it right away.
    Dr. James G.
    Chicago Vet attendee
  • There were a lot of business focused things, and medical, surgical, and veterinary stuff so a lot of different staff roles can come up to this conference and everybody would get something beneficial from it. I loved it!
    Dr. Tara K.
    New York Vet attendee
  • I like having the smaller, more intimate rooms, because I feel like you can interact with the speakers and ask them questions.
    Dr. Amy L.
    Wild West Vet attendee
  • The speakers were really awesome, it’s a great show and it’s a great way to get together with friends from Vet School in an exciting city. I like that you could pop in the exhibit hall after lunch and not wait around for a long time.
    Dr. Roselyn A.
    New York Vet attendee
  • I like the 50-minute sessions! Long enough to get the job done, but not coma-inducing.
    Jamie D.
    Wild West Vet attendee
  • The sessions are progressive, its not the same as every other conference. You still have the tried and true things here, but you also have the innovative, forward-thinking things that I would expect from New York.
    Dr. Tara K.
    New York Vet attendee
  • Navy Pier is really pretty, I like the occasion. It's great when you have a little break in between and it's something nice to be able to sit out and take it in.
    Kylie W. & Tiffany H.
    Chicago Vet attendees

An event for the whole practice!

Our Vet Shows are catered towards your entire team. You'll always find a few clinical theaters that cover a wide array of topics, from your usual ophthalmology and dermatology to more progressive subjects, such as CBD and euthanasia. In our dedicated Business Theater, you can access our CVPM-approved content for Practice Managers and Owners. Vet Techs will be accommodated in the special Vet Tech Theater, and are welcome to join all the other tracks as well.

You’ve read our HOW and WHY - now pick your WHERE and WHEN:

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