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Our Story


Our story begins in London...

...where the first ever Vet Show was launched in 2009. CloserStill Media is the backbone of all vet shows, and we were inspired to provide a platform for the vets that didn’t normally get a chance to speak out about unique topics and share their stories. The London Vet Show was a success and won The Association of Event Organisers’ (AEO) 2010 Best Launch Exhibition Award. From there, we knew we had created something groundbreaking for the veterinary community.

CloserStill Media launched France Vet soon after and modeled it after the London Vet Show, attracting 1,682 delegates and 100+ exhibitors

With such positive results from two shows, it was time to bring Vet Shows to the US and beyond. In 2016, we launched Deutsche Vet and New York Vet, both following the same model as the London Vet Show and France Vet. Both first editions of these shows took place in 2017 and both delivered over 100 exhibitors and over 2,000 delegates. Since then, CloserStill Media has acquired MVM in the US, leading the way to Wild West Vet, Chicago Vet, and launched Singapore Vet. The first BVA Live took place in 2022, at the Birmingham NEC, in collaboration with the British Veterinary Association.

By offering vets practical and relevant training with clinical programs for small and large animal medicine, providing a space to network and meet other industry professionals, learn about innovative products, and travel to exciting cities, we allow veterinary professionals to continue their education in a meaningful way.

We were all but ready to run five US shows in 2020, but then the pandemic hit.

Members of our veterinary community soon became essential workers and our team was required to work remotely from home. As a result, we were driven to think of alternative ways to pivot the way we operate and deliver education in a virtual manner, so we could continue to serve our veterinary community. With our New York office physically apart, we came together virtually to collaborate and continue the magic that is Vet Shows US. 

That’s when we launched Vet Show Academy, an online portal that allows vets, techs, nurses, and practice managers to earn the CE credits they need to continue their education.

With our repository of CE lectures recorded at our live shows across the globe, we believe there is no better, more engaging way to deliver valuable and practical education. Our curation of dynamic, live webinars with renowned industry experts also allows us to bring relevant content to veterinary professionals who are able to earn CE online. 

What started as one show in New York three years ago grew into what we see today: a portfolio of five shows across the US, an online academy of 500+ CE hours to choose from, successful webinars, and so much more. None of this would be possible without our dedicated, animal-loving, Vet Shows US team—and of course—you. 

To learn more about our team (who we are, why we love our jobs and our pet's names) check out the Our Team page. 

Thank you for reading our story and your invaluable support. 

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