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  • Back in person after a virtual conference last year, the successful show offered attendees practical training with clinical programs, networking opportunities and a chance to learn about the latest in ...
  • Wild West Vet provides a space to network and meet other industry professionals and provide the opportunity to learn about innovative products, allowing veterinary professionals to continue their educ ...
  • CloserStill Media, a global leader in veterinary events, celebrated the success of their third edition of Vet Show @ Home by announcing record-breaking numbers for all three editions of the show.
  • As Vet Show @ Home quickly approaches, get to know one of the awesome speakers, Christine Egger, DVM, MVSc, CVH, CVA, DACVAA.
  • Treating Pets From a Behavioral Perspective

    04 Jun 2021 Amy Pike, DVM, DACVB, IAABC-CABC
    From parasites and parvo to feline inappropriate elimination, some things can and should be looked at with a behavioral approach.
  • Solving Effusion Confusion with Dr. Kate Baker

    24 May 2021 Isabelle Perlman
    When it comes to cavity effusions in dogs and cats, cytologic evaluation is vital to discovering the underlying cause, but many don’t know where to begin. In this interview with Dr. Baker, we get into ...
  • Dr. Odunayo Shares Her Knowledge and Passion for ECC at Vet Show @ Home

    20 May 2021 Adesola Odunayo, DVM, MS, DACVECC
    If you love ECC, or just want to learn the latest tips and research on very common issues, join Dr. Adesola Odunayo at Vet Show @ Home this June! 
  • 5-Steps for Advancing a Career on YOUR OWN TERMS

    18 May 2021 Lisa Mausbach, DVM, MSOL-LM-PLM, SHRM-CP
    Finding the happiness, independence, and work-life integration you deserve
  • The program is coming soon! Until then, we’ve narrowed down 10 sessions we think you should definitely attend. When else can you learn from the country’s best speakers for free?
  • Understanding the meaning of diversity, equity, and inclusion is the first step to embody these practices into your practice. Find out how to define these terms and learn about what today's veterinary ...
  • Vet Shows US is ramping up its health and safety precautions for their in-person events this year, teaming up with Infrared Cameras, Inc. (ICI) and Digatherm by ICI to provide screening for elevated b ...
  • Since the pandemic, the trade show and events industry have undergone a dramatic shift from in-person to online. This pivot has forced companies to adapt, leaning into new strategies for connecting wi ...
  • Dr. Lindsay Ruland, owner of a busy ER clinic in Michigan, was hesitant to try dictation at first. After seeing the impact it’s had on her team, company culture, and personal life, she can’t imagine l ...
  • The #1 Best-Paying State for Veterinarians

    21 Apr 2021 Isabelle Perlman
    A recent study sought to rank the best and worst paying states for veterinarians by comparing the average veterinarian's salary with the average salary in each state.
  • The theme of this year’s World Veterinary Day is “Veterinarians Response to the COVID-19 Crisis.” From the days of piling toilet paper to donating ventilators, take a look back on these completely cra ...
  • Social Media is Killing Veterinary Professionals

    15 Apr 2021 Shena Humbert, LVT, Not Another Vet Nurse
    Veterinarians are one of the top professions to die by suicide. The truth is, social media has given people a false sense of security in saying whatever they want about businesses, making it easier th ...
  • Austin Vet 2021 Rescheduled to New Dates in 2022

    12 Apr 2021 CloserStill Media
    As a result of recent conversations with the Austin Public Health Department regarding the rules and restrictions currently in place in Austin, the show originally planned for June 2021 will now take ...
  • This 1.5-year-old Sheepadoodle with 5.9M Tik Tok followers is famous for being able to communicate with her owner using a series of pre-recorded buttons, taking the command “Speak” to a whole new leve ...
  • The team behind the Vet Shows at CloserStill Media, a global leader in veterinary trade shows, has shattered previous records for the second edition of their online conference, Vet Show @ Home. 
  • So you’ve signed yourself up for an online conference, but now what? As we navigate this new digital world, we find ourselves adjusting to new ways of learning and networking. Check out these tips to ...
  • CE Matters: Vet Show @ Home, Your “Home Away From Home”

    16 Mar 2021 Julie Ann Nettifee, RVT, MS, VTS
    Julie shares her thoughts about online continuing education events and the purpose they serve. 2020’s American Humane Veterinary Nurse Hero, she can’t wait to present on neurology in the Vet Tech Thea ...
  • Simplifying Dentistry and Improving Patient Care

    14 Mar 2021 Benita Altier, LVT, VTS (Dentistry)
    Benita Altier, LVT, VTS (Dentistry) has a passion for dentistry, and if you do too, you can join one of her three sessions taking place at Vet Show @ Home this month! 
  • Vet Show @ Home is happening soon! With an entire theater dedicated to content for veterinary technicians, make sure you know which sessions you want to attend ahead of time. 
  • If cardiology makes your heart race, check out this interview with Kursten Pierce, DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology), who will be presenting on diagnosis and management of cardiovascular diseases at this month ...

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