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  • It’s National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week! Here’s why Shelter Veterinary Medicine is important and how you can get involved.
  • GuardianVets' new Curbside solution enables veterinary practices to offer safe, contactless appointments for pet owners and veterinary professionals through the GuardianVets app.
  • Wondering how you can network at your next online conference without getting social anxiety? The good news is, even the strongest anti-networkers can be converted...and it’s even easier online! 
  • Taking breaks is proven to benefit your brain—so making time for them is a no-brainer. Read more to find out why they help, plus some break-worthy sessions at our online event, Vet Show @ Home.
  • Understanding seizures in dogs and cats is one of the most frustrating topics in veterinary medicine. Luckily, we brought in Dr. Simon Platt, a neurologist at UGA Vet Med.
  • Think Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    15 Oct 2020 Isabelle Perlman
    1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime, but with early detection and prevention, this deadly disease that disproportionately affects women can be beaten. 
  • Celebrating National Vet Tech Week

    12 Oct 2020 Isabelle Perlman
    Vet Techs are strong, resilient, and absolutely crucial to the veterinary team: that’s why we have a whole week dedicated to them!
  • We wanted to know the real talk on cannabis for animals, so who better to talk to than Stephen Cital, RVT, SRA, RLAT, VCC, CVPP, VTS-LAM (Res. Anes.) as he gets ready for Vet Show @ Home.
  • CancerCare: A Win for Vets, Clients, and Pets

    24 Sep 2020 Isabelle Perlman
    One of the hardest things to hear as a veterinarian is that your client cannot afford the bill or procedure because they have cancer and are dealing with the expenses of their own treatment. 
  • On Pins and Needles About Animal Acupuncture?

    21 Sep 2020 Isabelle Perlman
    Find out what an animal acupuncture specialist has to say about the results in her practice, common misconceptions, and growing popularity in the field.
  • Dr. Tamara Grubb Gears Up for Vet Show @ Home!

    18 Sep 2020 Isabelle Perlman
    If you love anesthesiology, free CE, or just darn-good veterinary speakers, you’re going to love Dr. Tamara Grubb’s sessions at Vet Show @ Home. 
  • The University of Helsinki conducted a behavioral study of almost 14,000 dogs and found certain non-social fears are associated with environment, lifestyle, and breed. 
  • 6 Tips for Instant Stress Relief at Work

    09 Sep 2020 Isabelle Perlman
    Stress at work can be unbearable, and sometimes it can take more than an adorable pet to bring some relief to a busy day. Follow these tips to help you de-stress in a snap. 
  • First Veterinary Union Contract Approved

    07 Sep 2020 Isabelle Perlman
    Big news came to the veterinary community last month when the first private-sector union contract was ratified at a clinic in Washington. Find out what this means for the industry moving forward.
  • CloserStill Media Announces Vet Show @ Home

    02 Sep 2020 CloserStill Media
    CloserStill Media, proud creators of the Vet Shows, have announced the launch of their free, online, continuing education event, Vet Show @ Home.
  • Our Favorite Vet Shows US-Inspired Recipes

    20 Aug 2020 Isabelle Perlman
    Inspired by the 5 cities where you can find our live shows, we're bringing you our 5 favorite recipes from these sweet locations to enjoy at home in the meantime.   
  • As the pandemic continues, keeping teams happy can be challenging. By taking the time to understand the ways you can boost morale, your team will always remember your efforts and stick around a while.
  • Last week, legendary pet expert/radio host/TV personality/writer, Steve Dale, CABC, took over our page on Facebook for a live talk on dogs and separation distress post-COVID. Check out the full video!
  • Learn more about the progress that states like New York and Chicago have made toward banning the sale of puppies in pet stores. Read to find out the ways you as a veterinarian can help. 
  • A Personal Story About Mental Wellbeing from a Devoted Veterinary Nurse

    07 Aug 2020 Rachel Lees RVT, KPA CTP, VTS (Behavior)
    Advice that all vet professionals, not just veterinary nurses, need to hear. If you don't take care of your mental health, you risk making negative life altering changes to your patients and yourself.
  • Case Study: Sales Lessons Through COVID-19 and Beyond

    05 Aug 2020 Laura Shapiro, Group Event Director, CloserStill Media
    The biggest challenge we faced in the wake of COVID-19 was having to get to grips with the fact that our daily lives had to change at the drop of a hat, along with the indefinite uncertainty.  
  • The British Veterinary Association (BVA) and CloserStill Media have partnered to announce the launch of a major new conference and exhibition for the veterinary profession: BVA Live.
  • An exclusive look into the process of teaching a webinar with Professor Jill Maddison. She shares her advice to other speakers and thoughts on the difference between live events vs. virtual learning.
  • Who is Nicola Di Girolamo DMV DipECZM ?

    15 Jul 2020 Isabelle Perlman
    If you’re an exotic animal doctor, or interested in exotics, this video interview with Nicola Di Girolamo is a must-see. Watch until the end to hear his insider tip for pursuing exotic medicine.

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